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K9 Powerwake Training Tool

"The ability to produce a large amount of odor from a small amount of material"

This was the goal of Frank Pagano, the inventor of the K9 Power Wake Scent Cone Training System when he set out to develop a new training aid for trainers and handlers alike.

"As a trainer I saw the need to create a training aid, for any scent dogs, to generate a large amount of odor from a small amount of material. Placed inside a backpack, this system will teach the K9 how to search a moving target without presenting the target. The K9 will learn very quickly to fallow the sent cone to source. This unit can be placed inside boxes, luggage and vehicles; the positive pressure created by training aid will cause the K9 to search productive areas, such as door seams, zippers and corners of boxes with no set time." - Frank Pagano

This system was developed to directly address the needs of handlers and trainers across the industry. The ability to quickly generate a large amount of odor from a single source while creating the adequate amount of Positive Pressure within the object eliminates the long set times normally required. Developed by Frank Pagano, with over 20 years experience as an instructor and a handler, this device has real world application with major benefits. Inert Products began working with Frank Pagano in 2016 to refine the concept and introduce it to the marketplace.

How it works:

Positive Pressure within the object (backpack, box, vehicle, etc.) results in the K9 being directed to the productive target areas such as seams, zippers and corners of a box or container.

Features and benefits:

• Powered unit generates a large volume quickly to avoid long wait periods for set times.

• Two speed fan control through touch sensitive switch for added flexibility and airflow control.

• Positive Pressure within the backpack, box or other containment results in K9’s searching productive target areas such as zippers, corners, seams and other points of access.

• Low cost and ease of use, this device can be attached under vehicles, in small spaces, carried in a backpack or hidden within a public container such as a trash can or mailbox.

• Rechargeable battery system provides for hours of operation and easy recharging through USB cable provided with unit.

Why it works:

When we train with scent dogs, we work in four different areas; articles search, vehicle search, building search and open area search. Our goal is to have the K9 trained to search productive areas, on its own. Using a conventional training aid, such as a stashbox or a scent bag, will require the handler to present productive areas to the K9 look for a change of behavior (COB) and a final response, (SIT). We also take in consideration, amount, wind, temperature, set time, height and depth of training aid and this can get somewhat complicated and time consuming. The K9 Power Wake creates a large scent cone, with low amount of material and no long set time in just seconds and allows the K9 to follow scent cone to source with minimal assistance from handler. It is also a great tool for green dogs, going through the imprinting process or working a problem for the first time, to induce the required response and developing change of behavior (COB). -Frank Pagano, Inventor/ K9 Handler & Instructor

For more information visit

K9 Power Wake - Scent detection training tool
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