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MAC 7 & Inert Products | CTS Lance Disruptor
Field Report: “Storming the Beach”

The Norfolk and Virginia Beach Police Department Bomb Squads hosted "Storming the Beach", a Manufacturers’ Technologies Training Expo put on by the USBTA.

From 4 to 6 June Don Parrish of Inert Products/ MAC 7 joined forces with Michael Raschella of CTS to certify Bomb Technicians from all over the US on the applications and capabilities of the Lance Disruptor.  

"Bomb Technicians were overwhelmed by the power this system displayed while remaining incredibly simple and easy to use. Training during this evolution allowed Technicians to perform both precision and general disruption shots on targets at ranges that far exceed the capabilities of any other system. It was of great interest how the recoil of the Lance was so minimal that it allowed for employment on smaller scale robotic platforms that were previously deemed incapable of handling a full-scale disruptor such as the Lance. This capability allows smaller scale robotic platforms to have the full-scale disruptor capabilities."

After the instruction portion of each rotation, Bomb Technicians were able to perform a wide variety of disruption shots ranging from the removal of inert pipe bomb end caps to a precision, modified water shot on a cell phone at over 20 feet. At the end of the day the consensus was that the Lance system definitely sets the new standard for what Bomb Technicians want in a disruptor.  

Some of the key factors mentioned by its users:

  • Zero-Convergence Aiming System
  • Extended range capabilities
  • Light weight
  • Ease of use
  • Minimal recoil
  • Versatility
  • Accuracy

Key Points:

As it stands, most disruption shots are required to be made from a close distance (inches).

The Lance disruptor offers the best of both worlds with a low velocity load designed to accomplish standard disruption shots at close range and a high velocity load which enables the user to perform disruption and precision shots from great distances. These proprietary CTS high and low velocity loads utilize the cleanest burning powder at the lowest quantity to accomplish amazing shots with minimal recoil.

The below shots were tested during Operation "Storming the Beach"

  • High velocity disruption shot on stand: recoil on flat surface = -2 feet
  • High velocity disruption shot (just barrel/ no stand) : recoil on flat surface =, slide 12 feet
  • Low velocity disruption shot on stand: recoil = 6 inches 

For disruption of packages , back packs, and luggage the optimal stand off with this system is 1.5 feet . This allows enough distance for the water column to enter the device followed by pressurized gases which over-pressures and rips apart the packaging, making all internal components accessible.

The Twin Lance System works great for the complete disruption of very large packages or luggage. While packing twice the punch in delivering two simultaneous water disruption shots of 100ml or 150ml each, the recoil remains minimal with only 2 feet of movement.

We tested the water shot using the Lance by filling the 100ml barrel with water, capping it off and then adding the 50ml extension on for the air gap. While I have heard users state they were able to perform precision water shots at about 3 feet using a similar technique with the PAN, we were able to perform a precision shot shearing a cell phone from the side of a water bottle at 6 feet.  The Lance does offer much greater distance precision shots at over 20 feet with the use of their patented Granular Water Shot (GWS), but this new technique enables the user to perform some distance water disruption/ precision shots without the use of additives.

The Lance disruptor stands 10 degree increment articulation allows the user to make quick, precise shots when certain known angles are required. For example, studies show that the suggested angle of attack to effectively engage a pipe bomb in order to remove the end cap is 10 to 18 degrees.

To prepare for the perfect alignment in this shot the user would simply collapse both legs of the Lance stand so they were parallel to one another. We will refer to this position as zero (0). The user would then manually position each leg outward by one increment, which is 10 degrees offset from the barrel (I have found that a 20 degree shot is also effective, this would be two increments) The configuration of the system should now be legs folded back at 10 degree increments, Lance shoulder and elbow folded back in the same direction as the legs with the barrel aimed forward. The shoulder and elbow should be low, a good reference would be to fold the shoulder down parallel with the stand and then articulate up three clicks (30 degrees.) The final adjustment would be with the hand tightened clamp, located at the wrist of the stand which controls the head of the system. The user would simply turn on the lasers and slide the Lance in behind the pipe bomb aligning either of the legs of the lance with the pipe bomb. The user would then make any fine adjustments ensuring that the lasers crossed at the beginning of the pipe threads on the end being attacked. Some great features on the pipe shot within the system are that it will effectively remove the end-caps from a pipe bomb, and the projectile is guaranteed "non-sparking" and dissipates to dust on impact. Currently the PAN utilizes the 12-gauge Nitro Turkey shot for pipe bombs, which after impact still has serious secondary fragmentation hazards.

For more information on the CTS Lance Disruptor system, contact

For more information on USBTA events, visit

Don Parrish is the Director of EOD Sales for Inert Products, LLC. "Official U.S Distributor for CTS"

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