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Inert Products, LLC, of Scranton, Pennsylvania consistently adds to its product lineup in an effort to meet the evolving training objectives of the men and women committed to our protection and defense. Inert Products has rapidly become an industry leader in both the design and production of high quality training aids for Military and Law Enforcement Professionals worldwide.

Battlefield Effects are becoming an increasingly effective tool that adds to the realism of almost any training scenario. Inert Products is committed to offering the highest quality products for their clients, and they are proud to introduce several new items that are sure to provide a higher level of immersion to training.

The president of Inert Products, Don Buza, was quick to point out some of the possible benefits of one of the newer training tools available- Scent Generation.  “I cannot think of a single product that will have as much of an impact on future training scenarios. The possibilities are limitless. While we focus a lot of our attention on IED Awareness and Defeat, scent can be used to alert personnel to simulated fuel spills, gas leaks, cadavers, and even vomit. For the first time, scent can be added to almost any scenario and the adverse effects some of the more vile scents have on personnel readiness can be identified and trained for.”

The X1 Scent Generator, new for 2015, brings this often unnoticed sense to the training environment. On the surface, adding scent may not seem like a major advancement to training, but it may prove to be one of the most significant to date. For example, a platoon of soldiers was sent to conduct a RECON of a chicken farm where all the chickens had been dead for days. The overwhelming scent of rotting chickens had rendered the entire platoon combat ineffective. The X1 Scent Generator can replicate this scenario in a safe training environment by emitting a simulated rotting corpse scent, thereby preparing trainees on how to properly ignore or react to their sense of smell.

The X1 has also been added to Inert Products’ existing line of Simulated Homemade Explosives (HME) and Drug Labs, giving most First Responders and Military trainees their first introduction on the scents that correspond to each unique situation. For example, HME Labs can now simulate the scents of explosive precursors such as acetone, ammonia, sulfur, etc. Drug Labs will come with scents such as “Meth Lab” or “Marijuana”. The addition of these scents will significantly increase the speed in which these labs are recognized and discovered.

In addition to the Scent Generator, Inert Products has also added Smoke Generators for 2015. The X12 Smoke Generator can be used in numerous training scenarios at a significant cost saving when compared to smoke grenades and other COTS pyrotechnic devices currently used to produce smoke.

These new products join the set of Battlefield Effects they currently offer, including Propane/Oxygen Blast and Machine Gun Simulators, Simulated Casualties such as Suicide Bombers and Burn Victims, as well as a line of classroom Penalty Monitors.

Inert Products also offers replica ordnance, replica munitions, replica weapons, OPFOR clothing and equipment, replica IED training aids, inert detonators and switches, training kits, and is capable of replicating or fabricating scenario driven training aids to meet any quantity requirement. Inert Products is interested in working with any entity committed to quality training in an effort to save lives.

Visit to view their current line of products, or contact them for any custom product requests you may have.

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