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The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Trade Directory of Manufacturers for all EOD Products, Service Providers, Bomb Squad Equipment, and Supplies including IEDD and C-IED
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Introducing the "R-BOT": Affordable Cutting-Edge Technology Revolutionizing UGVs for Warfighter & Humanitarian Robotics

As a solutions-provider for military and humanitarian groups in conflict zones, it is crucial to understand the unique challenges they face and develop innovative products and services that mitigate the impact of conflict. In realizing a significant gap between cost and capability of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) worldwide, we developed the R-BOT, a low-cost UGV that provides a majority of much-needed capabilities.

The advantages of the R-BOT include cost savings, increased efficiency, reduced risk to personnel, and enhanced capabilities. By reducing the cost of ownership and operation, the R-BOT is accessible to smaller humanitarian agencies and military units with limited budgets, enabling more robots to be deployed in various locations to respond to potential threats. It also allows personnel to stay at a safe distance while operating the robot remotely, reducing the risk of injury or death from explosive devices or other dangerous situations. Additionally, the R-BOT is equipped with advanced technologies such as high-resolution cameras, sensors, and manipulators, allowing it to perform a variety of tasks.

“As a training products company that specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of training aids and equipment for military and law enforcement agencies, we (Inert Products) recognized the need for a more accessible and cost-effective solution to support the training and operations of EOD teams, Bomb Squads and Global Humanitarian efforts alike.” -Robert Rozzi, CEO of Inert Products

Manufactured through a partnership between Inert Products and Cushybots Corporation, the R-BOT was developed with the aim of providing a high-quality, affordable solution to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies, humanitarian groups, and military units with limited budgets. By providing a lower-cost UGV platform, Inert Products looks to provide a more accessible solution that could help smaller agencies and units enhance their capabilities and increase safety for their personnel.

The R-BOT represents a game-changing solution for agencies looking to enhance their capabilities while staying within their budget. By providing a lower-cost option, the company is helping to make this technology more accessible to agencies and units of all sizes, improving safety and security for personnel in the field.

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Trade Directory for Manufacturers of all EOD Equipment, EOD Products, Bomb Squad Equipment, and Supplies...
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